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Folkscanomy: Architecture

Folksonomy: A system of classification derived from the practice and method of collaboratively creating and managing tags to annotate and categorize content; this practice is also known as collaborative tagging, social classification, social indexing, and social tagging. Coined by Thomas Vander Wal, it is a portmanteau of folk and taxonomy.

Folkscanomy: A collection of books and text derived from the efforts of volunteers to make information as widely available as possible. Because the metadata related to these scanned books are often done outside the library or cataloging industries, finding material can be more difficult. The Folkscanomy collection attempts to add a layer of classification for easier navigation.

This collection is Folkscanomy Architecture.


texts 421

Folkscanomy: A Library of Books
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english 421
Date Published
Architectural Standard - Ernst & Peter Neufert - Architects' Data
( 3 reviews )
Topics: room, floor, rooms, area, building, height, space, roof, construction, air, ground floor, floor...
Architectural Standard - Donald Watson - Time Saver Standards for Architectural Design Data
( 1 reviews )
Topics: design, building, air, systems, copyright, license, heat, product, data, construction, design data,...
The Metric Handbook - Architecture must have
Topics: space, table, design, building, storage, minimum, height, access, floor, rooms, disabled people,...
Time-Saver Standards for Landscape Architecture (Malestrom)
( 1 reviews )
Topics: figure, landscape, design, standards, soil, concrete, architecture, water, surface, aggregate,...
Building Design And Construction Handbook
( 1 reviews )
Topics: design, concrete, steel, construction, shear, building, structural, strength, load, soil,...
David Littlefield - Metric Handbook Planning & Design Data
Topics: design, space, table, building, buildings, minimum, access, storage, floor, facilities, building...
Dictionary of Architecture & Construction
Topics: concrete, surface, roof, metal, building, wall, wood, masonry, joint, ancient roman, structural...
Edward Allen - Architectural Detailing - Function, Constructibility, Aesthetics
Topics: wall, building, concrete, detail, joint, sealant, masonry, thermal, wood, air barrier, vapor...
Masonry Construction Manual
Topics: masonry, thermal, wall, din, mortar, insulation, concrete, walls, units, building, thermal...
Urban Design - Street and Square, Third Edition
Topics: urban, design, figure, street, architectural, square, buildings, piazza, city, planning, urban...
Topics: steel, design, construction, designer, frame, steelwork, erection, structural, connections, beam,...
Structural Analysis
Topics: kharagpur, version, beam, stiffness, load, member, moment, bending, truss, shear, bending moment,...
Structural Foundation Designers' Manual
Topics: foundation, design, soil, bearing, ground, raft, load, pressure, concrete, foundations, bearing...
Architects' Handbook
Topics: design, buildings, space, facilities, storage, building, access, floor, areas, rooms, ground floor,...
Historical Dictionary of Architecture
Topics: architecture, architectural, built, building, roman, buildings, style, ancient, classical,...
Designing Security Architecture Solutions
Topics: security, access, architecture, application, web, user, data, software, system, network, access...
Folkscanomy: Architecture
Domus NO 851
Topics: che, una, del, della, con, sono, piu, nel, dei, alia, settembre september, domus settembre, cio...
Architectural Standard - ISE - Standard Method of Detailing Structural Concrete
Topics: reinforcement, bars, concrete, detailing, structural, design, bar, method, standard, anchorage,...
ZAHA HADID - the complete building & projects
Topics: spaces, hadid, landscape, space, building, buildings, urban, thai, create, fire station, grand...
Mastering Revit Architecture 2010
Topics: revit, figure, dialog, design, create, select, elements, view, project, model, dialog box,...
0470087811 Building Construction4
Topics: concrete, masonry, erm, steel, minimum, wall, wood, csi, thi, roof, csi masterformat, reinforced...
domus 1999 - architecture
Topics: che, una, del, della, con, dei, nel, architettura, delle, architecture, architettura architecture,...
The Pyramid Builders of Ancient Egypt - (Malestrom)
Topics: kahun, egyptian, egypt, petrie, pottery, pyramid, tomb, dynasty, ancient, sesostris, middle...
Ecological Building: Earthship Vol.1 How to build your own
Topics: earthship, tire, tires, mass, walls, energy, lath, earth, earthships, heat, front face, sheet...
Urban Design - A typology of Procedures and Products
Topics: design, urban, buildings, city, figure, architecture, public, architectural, cities, development,...
Medical and Dental Space Planning
( 1 reviews )
Topics: room, patient, figure, medical, patients, color, rooms, surgery, dental, space, jain malkin,...
100 More of the World's Best Houses
Topics: house, architects, living, room, floor, residence, master, courtyard, entry, dining, floor plan,...
el croquis 111 - mvrdv 1997 2002_3
Topics: los, una, las, del, con, por, para, como, mas, este, jacob van, van rijs, con una, con los, con...
Research and Technology Buildings - A Design Manual
( 1 reviews )
Topics: building, laboratory, architects, floor, institute, laboratories, fagade, buildings, architekten,...
Built to meet Needs
Topics: vernacular, architecture, buildings, cultural, building, houses, culture, figure, architectural,...
Graphic History of Architecture
Topics: temple, roman, greek, columns, dynasty, built, brick, renaissance, empire, concrete, western asia,...
The Architecture of Modern Italy - Volume II
Topics: architecture, modern, del, italy, italian, visions, fascist, architettura, architectural, palazzo,...
House Beautiful 500+ Favorite Paint Colors - 2010-MANTESH
Topics: color, benjamin, moore, colors, paint, gray, blue, room, farrow, benjamin moore, white, ralph...
Earthquake Engineering - Application to Design
Topics: design, seismic, shear, steel, beam, earthquake, column, structural, ubc, load, seismic design,...
Understanding Architecture Through Drawing
Topics: drawing, design, sketch, architecture, buildings, architectural, freehand, architects, sketches,...
Ecological Building: The Whole Building Handbook-How to Design Healthy Efficient and Sustainable Buildings
Topics: heat, water, energy, buildings, solar, materials, air, construction, heating, environmental,...
el croquis alberto campo de baeza
Topics: madrid, campo, arquitectura, baeza, architecture, architectural, colegio, light, space, diagonal,...
Theology in Stone
Topics: church, churches, architecture, altar, saint, liturgical, sacred, liturgy, theology, space, church...
Domus NO 849
Topics: che, del, una, della, con, nel, sono, dei, alia, anche, giugno june, domusgiugno june, domus...
Topics: housing, design, riba, figure, houses, urban, dwellings, scheme, flats, riba book, day figure,...
domus 1998 - project
Topics: che, del, una, della, con, progetti, sono, nel, domus, dei, progetti projects, projects domus, del...
Glass Structures - Design and Construction of Self-supporting Skins
Topics: glass, structural, glazing, laminated, construction, figs, roof, steel, load, bending, laminated...
The Language of Space
Topics: space, language, human, architects, distance, architectural, buildings, spatial, architecture,...
Domus NO 867
Topics: che, una, del, della, con, piu, dei, nel, sono, delle, febbraio february, domus febbraio, steven...
Introduction to Architectural Science - The Basis of Sustainable Design
Topics: heat, energy, solar, thermal, air, architectural, temperature, flow, surface, sound, architectural...
Understanding Sustainable Architecture
Topics: design, sustainability, sustainable, building, environmental, climate, architecture, energy,...
New Architecture and Technology
Topics: architecture, design, buildings, architectural, building, architects, structural, designed,...
Integrated Buildings - The Systems Basis of Architecture
Topics: building, design, architecture, buildings, systems, interior, architectural, steel, air, cooling,...
05. Architectural Record - May 2005
Topics: architectural, design, architects, tlfeqooh, architecture, aia, lighting, architectural record,...
Victorian Houses and their Details
Topics: victorian, designs, architectural, books, houses, figure, architecture, pattern, manuals, villa,...
Ecological Building: Territory-Architecture Beyond Environment
Topics: architecture, architectural, design, urban, ecological, architects, territory, canopy,...
Japan Style - Architecture Interiors Design
Topics: japanese, house, japan, tatami, traditional, room, interior, minka, wooden, designed, traditional...
Concrete Pavement Design, Construction, and Performance
Topics: concrete, pavement, design, pavements, joint, aggregate, joints, thickness, construction, slab,...
Ecological Building: Housing By People-Towards Autonomy in Building Environments
Topics: housing, resources, administered, centrally, local, income, personal, systems, organizations,...
Domus NO 846
Topics: che, del, una, della, con, nel, domus, piu, sono, alia, marzo march, domus marzo, del design, con...
Ecological Building: Solar Power in Building Design
Topics: solar, power, energy, systems, module, system, design, electric, photovoltaic, lighting, solar...
The Architecture of the United Arab Emirates
Topics: architecture, abu, arab, architectural, mosque, emirates, buildings, building, palm stalks, dhabi,...
Construction Delays - Extensions of time and prolongation
Topics: delay, completion, contractor, project, programme, critical, extension, contract, progress,...
Domus NO 857
Topics: che, una, del, della, con, delle, dei, nel, piu, alia, marzo march, domus marzo, con una, pietra...
Handbook Of Interior Lighting Design
Topics: lighting, light, lamps, luminaires, lamp, luminous, fluorescent, halogen, recessed, visual,...
Domus NO 863
Topics: che, una, del, della, con, piu, nel, dei, sono, delle, domus ottobre, ottobre october, disney hall,...
Architectural Record - 2007.04
Topics: architectural, design, architects, architecture, aia, visit, construction, architectural record,...
Spirit & Place
Topics: buildings, places, air, design, building, materials, human, spirit, life, christopher day, urban...
Design for Outdoor Recreation
Topics: design, recreation, outdoor, trails, trail, visitors, site, landscape, layout, timber, outdoor...
via arquitectura 10
Topics: del, una, las, los, como, con, por, para, agua, sobre, swimming pool, con las, como una, stainless...
via arquitectura 01
Topics: una, del, los, por, las, como, con, para, ihc, hong kong, como una, una ciudad, con una, una gran,...
Topics: figure, kips, moments, member, load, applied, moment, bending, elastic, beam, bending moment, shear...
Domus NO 861
Topics: che, una, del, della, con, nel, sono, domus, gli, delle, della sua, con una, degli anni, stainless...
How Buildings Work - The Natural Order of Architecture
Topics: building, air, heat, water, thermal, buildings, interior, surfaces, temperature, vapor, water...
Managing Quality in Architecture
Topics: design, quality, project, management, iso, practice, client, architects, firm, clients, quality...
Space Grid Structures
Topics: space, grid, structures, roof, grids, truss, steel, node, nodes, chord, space grid, space grids,...
Architecture - Comfort and Energy
( 1 reviews )
Topics: energy, air, renewable, sustainable, reviews, ventilation, thermal, light, temperature, building,...
Site planing Handbook
Topics: site, design, downloaded, copyright, digital, engineering, rights, library, subject, landscape,...
The Dessau Bauhaus Building_ 1926-1999
Topics: bauhaus, dessau, building, gropius, walter, und, note, berlin, tubular, bauhaus building, tubular...
Modern Traditions - Contemporary Architecture in India
Topics: indian, building, architecture, courtyard, entrance, buildings, india, design, mumbai, rewal, main...